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Sun in - Salmon out principle


- Circular concept for salmon farming

- Using on self-produced feed

- Closed in sea facilities  

- Climate and nutrient salt positive  


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Salmon farming is established as an industry with good margins. To take part in it, the players must either pay an expensive entrance fee, or show a high degree of innovation.


AKVAREFORMA AS will produce salmon according to a unique circular concept with a strong focus on real sustainability. The degree of innovation will place the company within the framework that the authorities are expected to set for the distribution of new production capacity for salmon. From locally grown biomass, with an area-efficient patented cultivation system, the company will construct a feed with a high content of marine ingredients. This makes the feed extra well suited for salmon production, with good fish health, better quality, lower feed factor and mortality as a reward.  


By using closed cages in the sea, the risk of production losses from lice, disease, escape and warmer coastal waters is reduced. Farming and feed ingredient production can be located in nearby marine business parks. Closed systems are also necessary to utilize the circular sidestreams that in the long run will give the company better profitability. The company will make it clear that this is a realistic design for future farming. With the licenses in place, the company aims to establish itself as a well-functioning player and premise supplier within Norwegian salmon farming and in the long term internationally. AKVAREFORMA`s concept is unique and responds to the climate and environmental challenges that the world faces in terms of safe food production.

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