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Morten Kjellevold Midtbø

Contractor / Technology Manager


Cand.Scient in marine geology / geophysics from the University of Bergen and Tromsø. Higher education in aquaculture from the Fiskerihøgskolen in Tromsø.

Vocational training in aquaculture from Austevoll.

"I am concerned with the environment, climate and sustainability issues with the sea as the main focus".

Since 2013, I have been an entrepreneur in aquaculture where my main focus has been the development of cultivation and harvesting methodology for kelp, marsupials and mussels in order to develop sustainable locally produced feed. Here, drawing, prototype building and not least testing have been key tasks. The results have been good, which has led us to choose to patent the concept.


I also have versatile and useful experience in the aquaculture industry (food fish / salmon), as a technical inspector in a monitoring / ROV company, in the oil industry (16 years as a geophysicist in a number of different positions) and in construction in family businesses ".

Tel: + 47 94161339


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Kjell Magne Fagerbakke
Dr. Scient in Marine Microbiology from the University of Bergen.

Has experience from traditional mussel farming with setup and operation of own facility.
Today, in addition to AKVAREFORMA, he conducts various organizational work, and he pays special attention to the development of the circular economy.
"I want to help establish biological and technical methods and solutions that are sustainable in the years to come".

Tel: +47 40287820


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Tord Steiro

Digital coordinator

Msc. Economics and Resource Management Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Has in recent years specialized in digital organization and digital business models

Data and resource sharing were a prerequisite for circular systems

Tel: + 47 95415972

E-mail: tord @




Janne Kjellevold Midtbø

Advisor / Board member


Cand. Scient in marine biochemistry / biotechnology from the Norwegian School of Fisheries (Tromsø).

Associate professor with additional education - teaches mathematics, science and Norwegian.

"I grew up in the fishing municipality of Austevoll. My main interest is nutrition in combination with learning. I am convinced that by providing food with good nutritional content we can prevent health problems and increase learning outcomes in school and society in general. Taking care of the environment and livelihood ours is absolutely crucial, and I spend a lot of my time working for this. We need sustainable jobs along the coast, and the concept of AKVAREFORMA AS is as created for this. The potential to export this concept to the world is great "!! !.


Contact: Tel: 91324073, e-mail:

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