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Full-fledged circular farming system

We develop the future  way to breed salmon (Salmo Salar).



Our vision is that:

  • The Norwegian fish farming industry must have a long-term perspective 

  • Norwegian food production is on nature's terms 

  • We harvest without degrading ecosystems

  • Our business idea includes all value chains from raw material to product


Our solution is:
  • to get back a marine salmon in a circular aquaculture
  • self-produced feed for salmon farming

  • local marine feed using developed patented technology

  • floating closed fish farms in marine business parks 

  • recycling of raw materials and materials with reuse of sludge and nutrients

  • exclusively materials and methods that score high in a climate and environmental accounts

  • jobs along the entire coast of Norway anchored in local industrial clusters

Our goal is:

Full scale within 10 years. We have achieved a full-fledged circular production.

Today's linings:

  • What happens to the Norwegian aquaculture industry if feed supply (soy and fishmeal) stops?

  • Available arable land in the world is under pressure and producers need an increasing share of their own population. Norway has a small agricultural area, but a large sea area.

  • Norwegian aquaculture has no future if consideration for nature and social conditions is not taken into account.

"We can not solve problems by thinking in the same way as when we create them."

-Albert Einstein-

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